departure date: AUgust, 2016

REturn Date: November, 2016

Support Total: $6,000.00


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Hello, my name is Austin Radford.  I was born and raised in Portland Oregon and have enjoyed the adventure here from hiking, to camping, to surfing, to living life with those around. But the greatest adventure of all has been pursuing what God has gifted me to do to further his kingdom.  As of right now I just finished up the most recent chapter by graduating from Multnomah University (school of the Bible) in May 2016 with two degrees, one in Bible Theology and the other in Psychology.  With this education so many doors have been opened to me but the next step is working with Kingdom ministries to teach English in Italy.

Why Italy?  As I was praying last summer on the direction of the overly common question, “what are you going to do after your graduate?”  I had a very well laid out plan of going to grad school, getting a job in a counseling firm, settling down here but as many of us know our plans aren’t God’s plans.  I started praying and had a change of heart to go help somewhere and use the education that I got on the field. Italy was my obvious destination since I have been there before and my heart hurts for them. but the sad thing is when I talk about this opportunity in Italy I often get a snarky reply about having a vacation instead of a mission trip.  We have this view that Europe is not in need of our support because of them being a developed country but they are struggling.  There economy to begin with is on a downward turn with 50% unemployment, a falling exchange rate, and the current Syrian refugees are not helping.  Also with these English classes I will be teaching 50+ people per class, three classes a week and most of them are not Christian.  This area is prime for missions work and will open doors of relationship with people who are general workers, diplomats, and military personnel.  The program is growing large with five different churches that I will be pairing up with and they need help with the growth.  Currently we have Fabiano (native to Spain) and Delia (native to Romania) who both have English as their second language.  They speak the language well but Italy and many other places strongly encourage getting an American accent and because it is held high in the culture as the proper way to speak as it comes from a native tongue.

Why teach English?  America and England being so influential in this world today it is not uncommon or unheard of to go to a foreign country and they already speak our language. This truly is a blessing that many of us don't notice till we start to travel more.  I learned this last time I was in Italy and so many wanted me to speak English with them so they can learn it better.  Baffled on why they strived for hard on this I decided to ask why.  Many of them talked about the importance of English in the culture as many travelers come through Italy and many get turned down for jobs because of their low job market and lack of knowledge in English.  I am praying that teaching these classes will open up jobs for those who come.

So please help support if it be prayer or financially because we need both!  We are trying to raise $6,000 for the trip which is inexpensive for a 4-5 month trip.  The church is also very excited and supportive as they are letting me stay in the church to help with the cost of living.  Kingdom ministries has never had an American go for this amount of time and the church has never had an American stay with them for this long so I am basically the guinea pig to see if this can be a semester trip for future Multnomah TESOL students and other missionaries to come.  Your support will be leading to a open pairing with Multnomah as they may start semester abroad program with this small town of Cesena and the Italian people. You will also be helping this town across the world that needs the gospel and you will be helping me in using my skills to better the Kingdom of God.  Thank you for your prayers and contributions in advance and please feel free to email me at to arrange a coffee meeting time so I can talk to you more about this trip.
Your brother in Christ


Austin Radford


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