departure date: June 23, 2016

REturn Date: July 12, 2016

Support Total: $3,500.00


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I hope this letter finds you well. I am now in my second term of graduate school and working toward a Masters in Wood Science. The Lord Jesus is so good! God has provided an opportunity for me to join a mission’s team to serve youths in the form of summer camps in Italy from June 23 July 12. I am sure we all have memories from our youth of attending a summer camp. Or have heard of others attending summer camps. What great memories they are! Unfortunately, in many parts of the world, there is not the ability to attend a summer camp, this includes Italy. I will be joining a mission’s team this summer to provide and put on a camp for many youths.

Myself and others in Corvallis will be partnering with Kingdom Ministries, a Portland based Christian group who works very closely with an Italian church. The desire of both Kingdom Ministries and the church in Italy is to serve youths in Italy through two different five day summer camps. In one of the camps, we will be serving youths whose parents are part of the Italian Air Force. We will be on a air force base during these first five days. This is the Italian Air Force, not the US Air Force. This is an opportunity very few people either local or abroad have the opportunity to do. In the second camp, we will be serving a different group of youths from another part of Italy. The reason for this trip is to build relationships in Italy and to share the name of Jesus with those who have never heard the name of Jesus.

I have been truly following Jesus for two and a half years and throughout that time God has led me on many crazy adventures. Some of those adventures are open sharing my story of Jesus on the OSU campus, leading small groups for both domestic and international students, living in a Christian house/co-op and going on a mission’s trip to East Asia. Throughout all of my time following Jesus, I have enjoyed sharing about Jesus’s great love. I now have the opportunity to minister in Italy at these summer camps.

I am asking for partners on this Journey in both financial support and prayer support. I will need to raise $3,500 before I leave on this trip. I hope you will join me on this mission to spread the name of Jesus with the world.

Kind Regards,

Elijah Wilson


Prayer Requests

  • pray, pray & pray - then tell your parents you love them.