departure date: June 23, 2016

REturn Date: July 12, 2016

Support Total: $3,500.00


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Hello friends and family,
Hope everything has been going well in your lives. Here is a brief update on what has been going on in my life. I am a junior at Oregon State University studying New Media Communication. I have lived at a Christian Co-op house called The Courtyard all three years of college. The Courtyard is filled with amazing men and women of God and is a place for people to go in their faith and gain lifelong friendships. This year I had the honor of serving on the house’s leadership team as the men’s president. Next year, I will be serving on the leadership team once again as the treasurer.
Every Monday night all the residents of the Courtyard will gather together for family night. This is where we all dress up and spend time in fellowship with each other. This is an extremely valued time because it is the one time each week we are all in the same room together. It was through this I actually found out about the trip to Italy. Andrew Stone, a Courtyard alumnus, came and spoke at the beginning of last term. He told us all about Kingdom Ministries, a nonprofit organization and about this opportunity to travel to Italy to be a part of a camp that teaches children about God. When I heard about it was immediately interested in it but the question was how to make this trip a reality.
I want to go on this missions trip because I love serving and interacting with children. I have been a part of several kid camps with my church as a cabin leader and I had the amazing opportunity to go to Haiti for a week and a half mission trip. While in Italy we will be reaching out to the Italian people through camps and by connecting with the Italian church. Over the course of two weeks there will be camps held for kids of the Italian military. The first week the camp will be held at the Italian Air Force bases in Cervia and the second week it will be held at Romeo in Cesenatico.
You may be wondering why Italy? Well Italy is very much in need of a spiritual revival. Though 70% of the population claims to be Christians, very few are actually practicing Christians. The child poverty rate is incredibly high. Out of the 10.2 million children 18 years or age or under 1.8 million live in poverty. Also one in every two children lives in absolute poverty. More statics can be found on our website www.buildingthekingdom.orgunder the “Why Italy” tab.
In order to accomplish our goal we will most of all need prayer. Please be praying that God prepares the hearts of each member on the team to serve the Italian people the way he calls us to. Also that he provides the money to fulfill the cost of this trip. The trip cost $3500 and is due by June 21st. If you feel called to support us financially that would be greatly appreciated, any amount helps. Thank you for taking the time to learn about this trip and for whatever support you feel called to provide.
If you feel called to support financially you can either mail it to 2435 NW Harrison Blvd Corvallis, OR 97330 or visit and donate there.

Jacob McNamara


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