Project STart Date: asap

Location: Cesena

Support GOAL: $25,000.00


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The church in cesena has been worshiping out of a store front in downtown Cesena for a little over nine years. After years of outreach programs the church has grown in numbers and now have outgrown their storefront church.  

They have located a new church building that would meet their current capacity needs while still giving them room to grow in numbers and into new ministries in the years to come. This church building will host its weekly gatherings on Sunday, youth group, and midweek prayer gatherings.  The new building will have extra bathrooms, rooms for english classes, seminary classes, and even dorm rooms to receive short-term missionaries who help the church.

The pricing options at there finger tips are two fold: renting, or purchasing.

Cost: $324,000.00

Purchasing: The building asking price is $324,000.00 (or, €300,000.00). There is also a $21,600.00 (or, €20,000.00) remodel that needs to complete before the building is move-in ready.

Cost: $24,600.00

Renting: The building rent is €1,500.00 per month (or $1,620.00 per month). The church would need supply first and last month rent, alongside the $21,600.00 (or, €20,000.00)
remodel the church
Depending on the finances raised, the church, Lord willing will move into the new building in one of the two ways; renting, or purchasing.

Please pray and consider partnering with our church family in Cesena, Italy.


Prayer Requests

  • God would provide all the finances.

  • God would work in the hearts of the kids.

  • We would be able to forge lasting relationships with the Italians.

  • Contact me for more ways to pray...