departure date: June 22, 2017

REturn Date: July 11, 2017

Support Total: $7,000.00


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Dear Friends,

Well, here we are near the mid-point of our school year and enjoying our teaching positions as much as ever. But, even so, a big part of each of our hearts is half-way across the world, thinking about Cristina’s wedding plans, Beatrice’s trip to Malta, how Guida is doing in high school, and, most of all, how Isa and the other kids who gave their lives to Jesus’ are growing in their faith! We have met these and many other wonderful people as we’ve served in Italy these past two summers. If you’re thinking of Italy as more of a vacation spot than a mission field and wondering about any real spiritual need there, to quote our ministry’s web site:

The Eurozone is experiencing a heavy crisis and no country feels it more than Italy. Child poverty, unemployment, immigration and domestic violence are all at alarming rates, and increasing. All signs of a country that needs Jesus.”

        As you may know, we have been part of a team providing two, week-long day camps for junior high and high school-aged students.  And, though exhausting for these two old-timers, what a joy it has been! While our first trip was wonderful, and we saw God work in the hearts of both the kids and our team, last summer’s trip was even better! One special blessing was being able to not only make new friends, but build on relationships we had started the year before. So, as you can imagine, we are very excited that God is leading us back this summer! 

        God was definitely at work in many hearts through the camps last year. The first week’s camp was held at the Italian Air Force Base recreational facility. About 50 Italian Air Force kids came and had a great time playing beach games, doing crafts, learning Bible verses and participating in lots of fun team competitions. Each day one of the counselors gave their testimony, which, as Pastor Fabiano interpreted, was very impactful for the campers. One high point of the Air Force camp is the involvement of the parents. God is using deepening relationships between the officers and our team leadership for His glory! Many of the Air Force kids came to our city camp the next week, making the number of campers about 70 for that camp! Near the end of the week, 20 or more kids responded to an invitation to receive Christ as Savior! Our prayer is that these students will grow in their faith and that their families will be positively impacted, as well. We are anxious to rekindle relationships and build into these lives for Jesus!

              We will continue as camp support staff, in charge of crafts and other behind-the-scenes support, to free up the counselors to spend time with their kids. We’ll also continue building relationships with those from the local, evangelical church, whose pastor is involved with the camps each day. We’ve made dear friends among the great people at the church and look forward to spending time with them again! God has allowed friendships with others, as well, including Cristina, a server at the location of our city camp. His sovereignty is evident even in the date of her upcoming wedding (to which we have been invited), in that it coincides with our time in Italy next summer! What a special blessing!

        Please pray for us as we plan and as we go - for our stamina, as well as God’s wisdom and grace as we seek to be His hands and feet in Italy. If God is nudging you to help share the financial load for this ministry. you can find online support options at

We plan to leave June 22nd and return July 11th.



Paul and Ruthie


 “Declare his glory among the nations,

his marvelous works among all the peoples!” 

Psalm 96:3


Prayer Requests

  • God would provide all the finances.

  • God would work in the hearts of the kids.

  • We would be able to forge lasting relationships

  • with the Italians.

  • Contact me for more ways to pray...