Serve With Us

It seems like God uses a retreat, camp, or mission trip to help us get serious about our relationship with Jesus. In fact, we often pray that all of us who go on a short term mission trip will return more in love with Jesus than when they left. More like Jesus than when we left. So, if you are ready to experience a life changing mission trip, pray about serving with us at Kingdom Ministries. 

Experiential Growth

Being part of a team can be so valuable. We see our teams as extensions of the body of Christ. How the Bible tells the church to treat each other and function is how we want all our teams to treat each other and function. We emphasize relying on the Holy Spirit to put God’s word into practice.

United Together

Each and every initiative is executed hand-in-hand with one of our missionary partners. These missionaries are our boots on the ground and work hard every day to share the love of Christ with their communities. We do not take on ad-hoc projects to boost our metrics. These are relationships built over time and sweetened by a shared love to serve together. 

Lasting Impact

Each one of these trips has an immense impact on lives around the other side of the world. Time spent serving shapes the culture of our world for the better. It also has made its mark on those who serve. You - the ones who give of your time and talent. People often serve multiple times because of the lasting impact and the legacy they leave behind.